Tips to Lose Weight After 40-Especially for women

Tips to Lose Weight After 40

For people after 40, it is easy to become overweight. Weight loss become something important. Let us discuss the ways to lose weight after 40 together.

The age bracket of the 40s is a little intimidating as there are immense changes occurring in the body and therefore, even after trying “magic” pills or superb weight loss programs, it is difficult to lose weight. This is true to an extent as there are so many changes like stress, hormone imbalances, metabolism, thyroid function and even menopause occurring, that no weight loss method seems to work. However, not all is lost as there are ways by which women over 40 too, can lose weight. Here are a few tips, which would tell how women over 40 could lose weight.

Lose Weight After 40

The metabolism of a person slows down as he ages. This denotes that in order to shed the extra pounds, a person would have to burn more calories than what he consumes. For a working person over 40, there is little time to exercise, as she has to take care of the household, children, office and complete other errands. Therefore, she would have to cut down on calories and take up exercises, even if they are, divided into three sessions of ten minutes each day. Losing one pound means consuming 3,500 fewer calories or burning 3,500 calories by exercising. Having a healthy weight loss plan is the key here. For a person adamant on losing weight, this is not difficult, as he/she would have to burn 150 calories by exercising and consuming 200 fewer calories, every day.

Alter your lifestyle: losing weight after 40 is not that difficult if one has the determination. A woman needs to alter her lifestyle a bit, to squeeze in exercising and pursuing other activities, so that she is not tied to the office desk or involved in household work.

Get enough sleep: though one may not see any connection, but adequate sleep is very important for a woman over 40. Not getting enough sleep leads to stress, which, in turn leads to the release of the ‘cortisol’ hormone. The spare tire around the middle is often the result of this hormone. Therefore, women over 40 trying to lose weight should try to find and eliminate the reasons of stress. They can also take up meditation exercises, deep-breathing exercises or yoga to practice relaxation.

To lose weight after 40, one should not take up pre-packaged meals or fad diet programs as they may provide instant but temporary results. Instead, it is better to go for healthy eating and exercising. Weight loss pills can also help. They can provide permanent and long-term weight loss results.

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