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Every Dieter’s Challenge: The Year After Weight Loss

Every Dieter’s Challenge: The Year After Weight Loss

As a dieter, you will probably know that there are some challenges you have to face. In this article, we will discuss how to overcome them and have a successful weight loss and control plan.

If you have lost weight: congratulations! Losing weight can be so challenging for many. This is a wonderful accomplishment and achievement.

But your work is not quite over. Some who have lost weight say that actually their toughest time is not the losing of the weight, but the very first year as a thin person. Learning to live on maintenance can be a new, frustrating and awkward experience. It offers many rewards, especially life in a healthy and active new body.

Dieter’s Challenges

One of the biggest challenges is learning how to eat now that you have lost all of the weight you’ve wanted to. Unfortunately, many dieters return to their old habits. This is the easiest path to becoming overweight. Returning to your weekly double cheeseburgers with fries, washing them down with extra large chocolate milkshakes only adds on the pounds. Staying healthy and living healthy is a way of life. Keep in mind you can certainly eat treats like the double cheeseburger: occasionally. The majority of your meals need to be healthy and good for you, so that you can have the occasional splurge and it won’t cause any harm.

Living on a maintenance diet takes a little practice. Typically, dieters add between two hundred and fifty to five hundred calories to their day. When you think about it: that actually isn’t very much. Adding it up over the week — five hundred calories makes the difference between losing a pound or gaining it. As you have dieted, you have been given the opportunity to learn lots about exactly which foods have calories in them and what type of calorie counts they have. This is useful information for the rest of your life, as you’ll need to gage anything you eat before you put it into your mouth.

Sometimes one of the challenges dieters face is dealing with the people in their life. Oh, people may be happy for you that you’ve lost weight, but relationships often change because you have lost weight. If your sister has a weight problem, and you lose weight and she doesn’t — your relationship is likely to go through some changes because your sister may be jealous, frustrated, angry or deal with other emotions because of your success. Some people in your life may have always wanted you to lose weight and because you have done it, they may assume that you see eye-to-eye on every issue. These people may now want to get closer to you as a result. Keep in mind that our relationships are always changing. Some people subconsciously think that if they keep weight on, they are “protecting” themselves from relationships. So as a newly thin person, you must now simply understand that your relationships are adjusting to the new you. Stay confident and take things slow. Most importantly, don’t take things so personally — as most of the time when people react to things, they are reacting to themselves and actually not to you or the actual situation.

A great joy of being thin for your very first year is all of the “firsts” you experience. That first sexy swimsuit you buy. The first pair of shorts you actually like. The first rollercoaster you ride comfortably. The first special occasion you attend and dance all night. The first time you run into someone that doesn’t recognize you. Each of these experiences is like a little thrill for the person who has newly lost weight. Sometimes as you are losing weight, you may fantasize about how each of these experiences will go. These experiences can sometimes be fun and magical — and other times they lack the sparkle that you think they will. Focus on your own personal reasons for wanting to lose weight. These could be better health, more energy, more confidence and other personal reasons that are important to you. Don’t focus on the externals.

After the first year, people will become “used” to you as a thin person. The newness will wear off for them, not you. So there will typically be less for you to react to. Some find the first year the most challenging, but others find it simply a very exciting year.

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