What are the South Beach Diet Side Effects

South Beach Diet Side Effects

Though you can lose weight effectively with south beach diet, there can also be some sides effects. There are some people who should not take this dieting plan. Make sure you understand all these before you go for this dieting plan.

South Beach diet can produce side effects for some people. It is not suitable for people that have kidney disease. This is because it contains a lot of fiber and this can put stress on the kidneys and cause kidney damage, kidney stones, and bone loss. Ketosis induced dehydration in Phase I can cause renal impairment.

Possible South Beach Diet Side Effects

Dehydration can happen when the body experience loss of fluid and important blood salts including potassium and sodium. Ketosis happens when the carbohydrates that the body need is not present and the body have to burn a lot of fat during which some ketones which are the fat fragments are excreted.

In Phase 1, it may cause insufficiency in mineral and vitamin. If you continue for more than two weeks, you will have risk losing bones and muscles. You should remain in Phase 1 for not more than 3 or 4 weeks.

Some nutritionist points out that South Beach diet is low in carbohydrates and fat. Therefore, it can cause ketosis in phases 1. Ketosis can cause side effects including dehydration, dizziness, heart palpitations, fatigue, lightheadedness, and irritability. They claimed that all of the above will make staying in the south beach diet in long-term difficult. They also say that it doesn’t emphasize exercise regimen and exercise is crucial to prevent muscles loss and bone loss.

South Beach diet can also cause hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, headaches, and excessive loss of water, cramp, muscles become tired, and kidney impairment.

It can also lead to a severe health problem. The South Beach diet high protein program can also cause further damage to the kidney. These side effects will be lessened in Phase 2 when dieters take a more a balanced diet.

You should try to understand all the phases of south beach diet before you decide to take this dieting plan. You may also want to read more south beach diet tips before you actually take it!

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