Do Liquid Diets Help With Weight Loss

Do Liquid Diets Help With Weight Loss?

Liquid diets are once very popular. Discover if such diets will really work for you when you are trying to lose weight!

With the number of people looking for weight loss solutions increasing, there has been an influx of several new weight loss programs. Liquid diets were the craze a few years back and had literally taken over the market. Luckily, the craze for the liquid diets has diminished and they are rarer because people have become more aware of the consequences.

All You Need To Know About Liquid Diets

Most of these diets are nothing but versions of high-protein, low-carbohydrate, and low-fat diets. These diets are neither particularly good nor particularly bad in and of themselves, just expensive. Such diets become unsafe if used to exclude too many calories.

The main thing a dieter should understand is that any diet that suggests consumption of less than 700 calories a day without medical supervision can turn out to be dangerous, and can lead to severe illness or in extreme cases, death by starvation. This may seem odd to those attempting to lose weight, but it can actually happen and must not be discounted.

Without small amounts of carbohydrates, low calorie and high-protein diets lead to loss of fluid in the body as well as loss of electrolytes, which causes fatigue. Another issue is that of fat, which comes up with any diet that suggests higher protein intake and restricts fats and oils. Too much protein without fat can lead to a form of starvation. In the earlier days, this was called, ˇ§rabbit feverˇ¨ after a particular diet made of exclusively rabbits and other lean wild game caused severe illness.

Liquid diets do not provide the essential vitamins, fibers, proteins and other nutrients that are required for optimum health. Ultimately, the dieter suffers with lack of enough nutrition and lack of resistance to diseases.

Currently, there are several diet powders in the market, which are added to water and used in place of a single meal or all meals. They consist of the usual vitamins, minerals, a little fiber and artificial sweeteners such as Fructose, to make the drinks more palatable. Many researchers voice a concern on using any artificial sweetener as they say; it could be harmful to health.

Most of these diet powders do not influence the body to burn fat. They affect the energy metabolism of the body. These diets interfere with the proper elimination of toxins through the bowels.

Similarly, very low calorie and high protein diets put stress on the kidneys and liver, and increase uric acid in the blood, thus making the dieter a potential candidate for gout. Ultimately, the lean tissue loss will be felt, if continued for long periods of time.

In the quest for slimming down and gaining a better body, people look for an easy way out, but the reality is that there is no other way one can develop a great body, other than good nutrition and exercise. There may be certain supplements that help, but they certainly cannot take the place of good eating habits and workouts. A good way to go about this is establishing a sound nutrition program along with a regular exercise regimen, then add a supplement if required. This may give the slight edge most people look for.

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