Good food for weight loss

Weight Loss and Food

It is very essential for you to reduce your calorie intake in order to have weight loss. In fact, you do not need to eat less. What you will need to do is to eat the right foods!

When we talk about losing weight people often tend to think that the best way is to eat less. It is true that you have to reduce the calories that you eat but they should not be reduced by a higher rate. Reducing the intake of calories by say 700 calories a day can be dangerous and can lead to certain heart diseases and also gallstones. Therefore, it is recommended you follow a good diet plan that helps you in reducing weight and also keep you healthy.

Foods To Eat When Losing Weight

Fiber – Both insoluble and soluble fiber can help you reduce weight. Foods which contain insoluble fiber are fiber cereals, wheat bread, fruits and vegetables. These foods do not have a high amount of calories but are good in food volume.Foods such as apples, strawberries, pears, beans and oatmeal fall in the category of soluble fiber category. Soluble fiber food slows down the travel time of food into the gut which helps in keeping you full longer. Soluble fiber foods also steady the blood sugar levels which also help in controlling your hunger.

Juicy Foods – juicy foods or food with high water content help you keep full. Eating foods with high content of water help you eat less and thus reduce weight. Cucumber, grapefruits, watermelon, tomatoes et cetera are examples of fruits and vegetables with high water content.

Hot Beverages – having hot beverages is a good way to make sure that you take fewer calories when you are only eating out of boredom. Because these beverages are hot you generally take more time to drink them and therefore the intake of calories is less than if you a burger or a sandwich. It is better if you choose beverages that are under 100-calories such as hot cocoa, herbal and green tea.

Spicy Food and Capsaicin – research shows that people often eat less and consume fewer calories if they eat spicy food. You tend you drink more water when your taste buds are not able to handle the heat. Drinking water may amake you feel full and you will be less likely to eat more.

Pre-portioned Snacks – chances of over-eating are greatly reduced when you have a portion of food in front of you. This technique is most effective when you are watching TV as it is difficult to concentrate on what you eat when you are distracted by the TV.

Water – having water between or before meals can help you consume calories. Water has no calories and drinking it can make you feel full and you consume fewer calories and food.

Salads – Make salads a part of your daily life. Salads with tomato, cucumber, lettuce and other low-calorie foods can help you eat less and thus reduce weight. You can also use lemons and curds as a dressing. Sandwiches can also be helpful consume raw vegetables. It is good for your health if you consume vegetables and fruits in salads. This will help you reduce weight and also help prevention from diseases that result from obesity.

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