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Wii Fit Lose Weight

wii fit lose weightThere are more people who own a Wii system nowadays. A lot of people wonder if it is possible to lose weight with Wii Fit. One of our readers, Hiroyuki, has done an experiment on it.

He revealed that Wii Fit Lose Weight is totally possible!


My Experiment of Wii Fit Lose Weight


By Hiroyuki

Hello, I am Hiroyuki from Japan and I would like to share with you my own experiment of weight loss by using Wii Fit.

I was quite slim when I was about 20 years old. I found that I become fatter when I became older. And it was even worse that I had a really fat belly! I was about 92 kg (about 202 lbs) last Christmas. I did not have the mood to attend any party becuase of my body shape! Besides, my height is 178 cm (about 5′ 10ˇ¨). This means that my BMI was 29 and I was certainly overweight.

As a result, I decided to lose weight and I have done some researched on how I can do so. I have seen on the web some people was trying the idea of Wii Fit lose weight and the results were quite promising. I also own a Wii system and I found a Wii Fit Guide on the web. I decided to give it a try and have my own experiment to lose fat!

I in fact started this experiment in January. My goal was to lose 16 kg, which means that I was trying to lose about 35 lbs. This is never a small amount and I was not trying to do it fast. I just wanted to lose weight healthily and get my confidence back.


The Experiment


I began my experiment of Wii Fit lose weight in mid April. I have decided to have regular session for about 40 minutes every day. Most experts suggest us to have exercising session for about 35 to 40 minutes each day and this is why I made it 40. It is quite certain that it is not worth doing the exercise with Wii Fit if each session was less than 30 minutes!

The captured screen is in Japanese since
I used the Japanese version of Wii Fit

There are different games (exercises) you will see when you are using Wii Fit. For example, there are hula hoop and rhythm boxing. The Wii Fit Guide I read and followed actually covers all these games (exercises). The idea of games is that when you are playing the games, you will be unlocking them. This will make your exercising a lot more interesting. A lot of us cannot stick to the exercising plan because it is too boring. You will not feel boring when you are adapting the idea of Wii Fit lose weight.

For my own experiment, I mainly concentrated on Step Aerobics when I started. I must admit that I was not quite used to the exercise when I first started. My legs (in fact it was my whole body) became soar when I tried it on the first day. However, when I used to it, it was a lot easier. And I was able to unlock the ˇ§Free Stepˇ¨. I could watch my favorite Sitcom and keep doing exercises!


The results


After two weeks of experiment, I got some initial results. I lost about 4 kg (about 9 lbs). The results are really very prominent and promising! Here is some quite fact about the results.

OriginalAfter Two Weeks of Experiment
Weight92 kg (202 lbs)88 kg (193 lbs)

At the time I write about this article, I am still overweight when I consider my own BMI. However, I believe that if I keep following the guide and stick to the exercising sessions, I will be able to achieve my goal and get back my confidence again sooner or later. Of course the above is only my personal experience, I will not promise that you will also get the same results as mine. Yet, it will still be good since you will have a chance to do exercises at home. This is certainly the way to lose weight. And you may also need to take a good diet plan in order to lose weight fast. However, I will say that you will also be able to lose weight sooner or later if you can stick to the Wii Fit exercising plan.

So, if you are also overweight like I used to be. You can

Read the Wii Fit Guide I followed and Lose Weight Now!


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