How to Fight Infections Naturally

The immune system is in charge of dealing with the entrance of bacteria, viruses and any microorganism that wants to stay in the body and get sick. To increase the defenses, you need to eat well and the right amount of foods. In the following article, I will answer the question of how you can fight any type of infection naturally. Do not miss it!


Treat an infection without antibiotics

According to the medical research saying “prevention is better than cure”. Therefore, it is necessary to eat well so that the immune system is strengthened and does not allow the entry of viruses, fungi, bacteria or parasites into our body.

If you are getting sick pretty often lately or if you want to treat infections without resorting to the drugs that sell in the pharmacies it is necessary that to your daily diet, do not lack the following elements:

• Vitamins A, C, and E
• Selenium and zinc
• Bioflavonoids
• Probiotics

The symptoms of an infection (anywhere in the body) are:

• Headache
• Fever
• Exhaustion
• Lack of appetite
• Muscle pains
• Joint pain

Since the immune system needs an optimal environment to be healthy a balanced diet is not enough. For example, you need to reduce anxiety and stress, get enough rest, exercise and drink a good amount of water (juices, soups, and smoothies are also allowed).

The Best Natural Antibiotics

While preventive measures are essential, it can also happen that you become ill and need some treatment to reverse the situation. That is when natural antibiotics (never better said) come into action. That is, the remedies that you do not buy in a pharmacy, but you can find them at home or in nature.

In addition to helping reduce infections are different from synthetic ones because:

• They do not have side effects like sensitivity in the stomach or allergic reactions.
• They respect the beneficial microorganisms that inhabit our body (for example, those found in the intestine).
• They do not cause symptoms by consuming them in excess (in most cases).
• They are easy to get and affordable.

Tips to Fight infections Naturally

Among the main natural antibiotics that will help you to reduce infections and also prevent them are:


It is known as the best bactericide and antiviral that exists, as it contains about 20 components with this property, plus 40 antibacterial elements. It can be used for respiratory diseases and fungi.


It belongs to the same family as garlic, so its composition is similar. It is a powerful natural antibiotic. You can eat raw onions in salads or even put one under the bed to “catch” viruses (according to popular beliefs). It is an ideal remedy for influenza, bronchitis, pharyngitis and in external use to disinfect.


This root widely used in oriental food has several properties such as, for example, antibacterial. It also increases the amount of intestinal flora and eliminates harmful microorganisms such as E. coli (causing gastroenteritis) or H. pylori (which causes stomach ulcers). It is advised to consume only a pinch of ginger, either powder or grated because it raises body temperature.


This herb contains a large amount of thyme, with antibacterial properties. For example, it is used to treat herpes simplex virus (in extract or infusion) and candidiasis (an essential oil). If you want to avoid infecting yourself with certain viruses you can drink the lemon balm tea. One tablespoon of the plant per cup of water is sufficient. Sweeten with honey.


It has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Undoubtedly, it is a great alternative to synthetic or chemical antibiotics. Echinacea stimulates the immune system and helps produce white blood cells. You can consume this plant in the form of tea.


Surely you will use this spice to flavor your meals and you do not know that it has outstanding antiviral properties. The thyme is an antibacterial par excellence but does not kill bacteria not allowed to multiply. It is used to disinfect and heal wounds.


It is a potent all-natural antiseptic that eliminates bacteria that cause bad breath (halitosis) but is also suitable for treating cavities as well as relieve stomach pains and ulcers caused by H. pylori bacteria.


One of the famous aromas that you often use in your dishes, Rosemary contains more than 20 antiviral principles and 40 antibacterial. If you consume it in infusion it fights the germs and treats intestinal or respiratory diseases. It prevents the reproduction of pathogens.

It is a natural antibiotic that is used to treat respiratory conditions such as the flu or a sore throat. For this, you must prepare a tea. Follow more health-related blog such as the health benefits of green tea.


• 1 tablespoon sage (10 g)
• 1 cup boiling water (250 ml)


Add the tablespoon of sage in the cup of boiling water to allow it to mix. Let stand a few minutes, filter, sweeten and drink. Gargling can also be done when it has cooled in cases of hoarseness, hoarseness, laryngitis, pharyngitis or angina.


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