Razer Mamba Elite vs DeathAdder Elite

SensoRazer is known for its best end peripherals and all the more quite their mice. The Razer DeathAdder is Razer’s best moving item yet with the other mice alternatives they have access is it extremely the best?

In this Razer Mamba Elite versus DeathAdder Elite survey, I am going to answer every one of your inquiries to feature what the distinctions are and which one is best for you.

You may likewise be thinking about the Razer DeathAdder Chroma or Razer Mamba Tournament Edition. Kindly observe the FAQ segment toward the finish of the article for clarifications on these two and why you shouldn’t pick either over the DeathAdder Elite or Mamba Elite.


Pick the Mamba Elite just on the off chance that you have bigger hands, need extraordinary RGB and level snaps. Generally speaking, the better mouse is the DeathAdder Elite.

Razer Mamba Elite versus DeathAdder Elite Specifications Overview

The details are essential towards helping you choose which mouse may accommodate your hand size and hold the style better. The most essential parts of picking a mouse are the sensor, shape, weight and buttons. Give us a chance to separate each of these so you know precisely what you are getting.


The two mice are extremely uniformly coordinated with regards to particulars with each utilizing Razer’s 3389 sensor. The best end sensor that will give exactness following and zero pixel skipping or jittering.

Razer express that the sensor has a goals exactness of 99.4%. I am never altogether beyond any doubt what these numbers mean or how they are determined yet it doesn’t make a difference in light of the fact that the sensor is strong and certainly tantamount to the PMW3366 and PMW3360.

Razers’ 3389 sensor underpins up to 16,000 DPI in 50 augments so you can make certain you can get the accurate DPI setting you need whether its 400, 800 or 1600. I would prescribe not going over 1600 as it is pointless.

On the off chance that you know about the tilt-hammering issue that more established optics experienced, for example, the Avago 3310 at that point Razer’s 3389 fixes this importance there is no turnouts with quick progressive swipes.

So for the sensor, there is nothing between these two however the following area is the place the principle contrasts lie.


The Razer Mamba Elite looks strikingly like the Deathadder Elite and when set next to each other this is recognizably separated from a couple of unpretentious changes Razer have connected.

The sides and thumb grooves are not so characterized on the Razer Mamba. On the off chance that you take a gander at the DeathAdder, you will see that the bends are steep and considerably more noticeable. This boils down to individual inclination truly yet it feels just as the Razer Mamba is adapted marginally more towards bigger hands.

The side grasps are additionally unique including an increasingly inflexible surface which looks and feels extraordinary yet may get earth extremely effectively after some time. The Mamba Elite ‘s essential mouse 1 and mouse 2 grooves are progressively unpretentious which is a lovely change over the DeathAdder Elite’s increasingly overstated inclines.

Concerning the primary mound of each mouse, the Mamba Elite’s is substantially more amidst the shell compared to the DeathAdder Elite. This is an appreciated expansion as it gives much better help to palm and hooks grasp players.

Give us a chance to contrast the dimensions of each with figure out their disparities.

Mamba Elite Dimensions

  • Length 12.5
  • Height: 4.2
  • Grip Width: 6.4
  • Weight: 100g
  • DeathAdder Elite Dimensions
  • Length: 11 cm
  • Height: 4.2 cm
  • Weight: 98g
  • Grip width: 6.2 cm

As should be obvious the Mamba Elite is longer and more extensive than the DeathAdder Elite which returns to my point on the Mamba being fit more towards bigger hands and palm grasp or paw hold players.

Because of its additional size, it is likewise heavier which merits considering on the off chance that you incline toward lighter mice.


The Mamba and DeathAdder both offer similar highlights as far as buttons. The essential mouse 1 and mouse 2 are both said to withstand up to 50 million ticks. Razer has co-created them with Omron.

There isn’t much distinction between the two with regards to the essential snaps they are both material and light.

With respect to the side buttons, the Mamba Elite’s have a shorter travel time thought about the DeathAdder. In any case, a few duplicates are said to have a slight ‘buzz’ to the buttons, especially when playing with sweat-soaked hands.

This happens when your fingers stick the side buttons, causing the spring instrument behind to buzz.

The parchment wheels are comparative aside from the Mamba Elite has level snaps where you can push the parchment wheel left and right. These can be modified to any capacity you like through the Razer programming. On the off chance that you claim a G903, at that point you will be utilized to this component.

On the highest point of each mouse are the DPI buttons which enable you to steadily change the DPI on the mouse up to 16,000 DPI in 50 increases. Some state they discover the DPI buttons can be effectively pushed on the Mamba so this merits considering on the off chance that you have bigger hands.

Additional Features

There isn’t much between these two with regards to lift-off separation with the sensors having a lift-off separation of around 1 DVD. This is around what you would expect for the best quality sensor.

Concerning RGB lighting the Razer Mamba eclipses (actually) the DeathAdder with customisable RGB lighting strips which can synchronize to the next RGB frameworks you have on your apparatus.

Each mouse has the most extreme surveying rate of 1000Hz. This can be set in various extents from 125Hz to 500Hz to 1000Hz.

The link on the two mice is comprised of a thick meshed material. It isn’t truly adaptable on the off chance that you contrast it with Logitech or Zowie mice. It might battle to fit in a few mice bungee’s, for example, the Zowie Camade except if you compel it.

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The Verdict

These are two fundamentally the same as mice so it is hard to settle on the two. Generally, the DeathAdder Elite has the more well-known shape, in any case, by and large, I incline toward the Razer Mamba. The Mamba has less characterized bends which is something I didn’t care for about the DeathAdder.

In the event that you have bigger hands, anything above 19.5cm then I would suggest the Mamba Elite, especially on the off chance that you are a palm grasp player.

By and large, I would pick the DeathAdder Elite as it applies to more individuals on account of its shape and detail insightful they are both truly similar.


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